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Mitsubishi L300 from the Shane, New Zealand
Mitsubishi L300This an upspec model with a few extra features like Air Conditioning and 5 speed floor shift manual but has vinyl seats. The engine is a 2.5ltr Naturally Aspirated 4D56 Diesel. I have owned this van for 3 years and has not missed a beat, still runs strong for its age and mileage. Very handy vehicle as I go Mountain Biking and can get my bikes into...

Beach Bus from the Steve, Lanzarote
Beach BusA perfect van for this island. Fits all my windsurf, surf and kitesurf gear, and goes anywhere. Great for weekends away in Fuerteventura, gets to all the inaccessible beaches. A bit juicy being the 2 litre petrol model but worth it....

L300 HistoryThe L300, manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors, is a Van (small truck) and has been in production since the late 1980's.

Production of the Mitsubishi Van began in the early 1970's, then called the Delica, but Mitsubishi eventually changed the van to the L300, while the Delica name went to the people mover vehicle, which had its own design.

Since 1986, the L300 has gone though just one generation, keeping the same design, with updates on part of the interior and frontal exterior only, as well as a few new features.

The van is available in Diesel and Petrol, but diesel has been far more popular. The same engines have remained since 1986, but with a few new variations with the petrol engines.

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